I have a Bottle application where I raise HTTPResponse in case of an error. Simplified version of the code provided below:

Now, when I hit the URL: http://localhost:8080/error I get:

APP 1 - Before Request http://localhost:8080/error
APP 1 - After Request http://localhost:8080/error - status code: 200 - - [10/Nov/2014 12:05:38] "GET /error HTTP/1.1" 400 0

Notice the line with status code as 200 even though I am raising the HTTPResponse status code of 400 (which is evident in the last line).

This means the request.status_code is incorrect when accessed in the after_request method.


To circumnavigate the issue I used Bottle's Plugin concept like so:

Notice the access_status_correctly method. It is very similar to Spring's AOP around advice. In other words: Bottle's Plugin == Springs AOP Around advice.

Breaking down the work around:

Simply put you can do a bunch of things before and after an api method call. In my case I am:

before method call:

print "Before making the actual method call"

actual method call:

body = callback(*args, **kwargs)

after method call:

print "After method call: Yay!"

exception handling for method call:

except CustomHttpException as exc:
	print "Correct error status code here: {}".format(exc.status_code)
    raise HTTPResponse(status=exc.status_code, body={'message': exc.message})
except Exception:
	print "A general exception occurred"
    raise HTTPResponse(status=500)

Even though I have a work around I would have ideally liked the after_request method to have worked i.e. use response.status_code to access the actual status_code.

May be I don't understand the after_request concept correctly. I have a Stackoverflow question open here.

Comments/feedback? Were you able to make it work?